Shipping to South Korea

Available Services to South Korea


We provide weekly service with reasonable prices and transit times.

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Shipments may be arranged for pick up or may be delivered to our nearest terminal for air shipment to the following internaitonal airports 
Civil Airports
Cheongju RKTU CJJ Cheongju Airport
Daegu (Taegu) RKTN TAE Daegu Airport (Taegu Airport)
Gimpo (Kimpo) RKSS GMP Gimpo International Airport
Gwangju (Kwangju) RKJJ KWJ Gwangju Airport
Incheon RKSI ICN Incheon International Airport
Jeju (Cheju) RKPC CJU Jeju International Airport
Muan RKJB MWX Muan International Airport
Busan (Pusan) RKPK PUS Gimhae International Airport (Kimhae Int'l)
Yangyang RKNY YNY Yangyang International Airport
Civil Airfields
Gunsan RKJK KUV Gunsan Airport
Jinhae (Chinhae) RKPE CHF Jinhae Airport
Jeongseok (Jungseok) RKPD   Jungseok Airport
Jeonju (Chonju) RKJU CHN Jeonju Airport
Mokpo RKJM MPK Mokpo Airport
Pohang RKTH KPO Pohang Airport
Sokcho RKND SHO Sokcho Airport
Ulsan RKPU USN Ulsan Airport
Wonju RKNW WJU Wonju Airport
Yechon RKTY YEC Yechon Airport
Yeosu RKJY RSU Yeosu Airport
Military Airbases
Foxmouse     Foxmouse Airbase
Chogju     Chogju Airbase
Choongwon (Jungwon) RKTI   Choongwon Airbase (Jungwon Airbase)
Kangnung RKNN KAG Gangneung Airbase
Osan RKSO OSN Osan Airbase
Sacheon RKPS HIN Sacheon Airport
Seongmu RKTE   Seongmu Airport
Seosan RKTP   Seosan Airbase
Seoul RKSM SSN Seoul Airbase
Suwon (Su Won City) RKSW SWU Suwon Airbase
 or a door to door service.

Cost varies by weight and volume.