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Shipments may be arranged for pick up or may be delivered to our nearest terminal for air shipment to the following international airports:
City served Region ICAO IATA Airport name
Bakel Tambacounda GOTB BXE Bakel Airport
Cap Skirring Ziguinchor GOGS CSK Cap Skirring Airport
Dakar Dakar GOOY DKR Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Dakar Thiès Blaise Diagne International Airport (under construction)
Dodji Louga Dodji Airport
Kaolack Kaolack GOOK KLC Kaolack Airport
Kédougou Kédougou GOTK KGG Kédougou Airport
Kolda Kolda GODK [1] KDA Kolda North Airport (former ICAO: GOGK)
Linguère Louga GOOG Linguère Airport
Matam Matam GOSM MAX Ouro Sogui Airport
Niokolo-Koba NIK Niokolo-Koba Airport
Podor Saint-Louis GOSP POD Podor Airport
Richard Toll Saint-Louis GOSR RDT Richard Toll Airport
Saint-Louis Saint-Louis GOSS XLS Saint-Louis Airport
Simenti Tambacounda GOTS SMY Simenti Airport
Tambacounda Tambacounda GOTT TUD Tambacounda Airport
Ziguinchor Ziguinchor GOGG ZIG Ziguinchor Airport
 or a near by international airport.

Cost varies by weight and volume.