Shipping to Benin

Available Services to Central America


We provide weekly service with reasonable prices and transit times.

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Shipments may be arranged for pick up or may be delivered to our nearest terminal for air shipment to the following airport:
DBBB (COO) – Cadjehoun Airport (Cotonou Airport) – Cotonou
DBBCCana AirportBohicon

DBBD (DJA) – Djougou AirportDjougou

DBBK (KDC) – Kandi AirportKandi

DBBN (NAE) – Natitingou AirportNatitingou

DBBOPorga AirportPorga

DBBP (PKO) – Parakou AirportParakou

DBBRBembereke AirportBembereke

DBBS (SVF) – Savé AirportSavé

or a near by international airport.

Cost varies by weight and volume.