Online Quote


Online Quote

Less Than Container Load Rates  (Los Angeles Metro Area)

-Based on 1 Cubic Meter/ 1000 lbs

                           -Commodity: Personal Effects & Household Items 

- Palletized or Crated ($45 per palletizing & Shrink Wrapping)

- Los Angeles Terminal (CFS) to the Destination Port 


Approximate cost to DestinationCostApproximate cost to DestinationCostApproximate cost to DestinationCost
shipping to Abidjan$395.00Shipping to Cagliari$475.00Shipping to Gdynia$475.00
Shipping to Adelaide$265.00Shipping to Cairo$569.00Shipping to Geneva$475.00
Shipping to Aden$350.00Shipping to Calcutta$376.00Shipping to Genova$398.00
Shipping to Al Manamah$330.00Shipping to Caldera$442.00Shipping to Glasgow$387.00
Shipping to Alexandria$325.00Shipping to Callao$475.00Shipping to Gothenburg$354.00
Shipping to Algiers$525.00Shipping to cape town$486.00Shipping to Guanca$442.00
Shipping to Amsterdam$295.00Shipping to Casablanca$481.00Shipping to Guatemala City$387.00
Shipping to Amman$481.00Shipping to Castries$642.00Shipping to Guayaquil$365.00
Shipping to Ankara$365.00Shipping to Charlestown$576.00Shipping to Gustavia$532.00
Shipping to Antwerp$320.00Shipping to Chennai$376.00Shipping to Haifa$393.00
shipping to Apapa$580.00Shipping to Christiansted$532.00Shipping to Hamburg$310.00
Shipping to Aqaba$470.00Shipping to Chy Mink$354.00Shipping to Hamilton$576.00
Shipping to Ashdod$393.00Shipping to Cochin$420.00Shipping to Harare$750.00
Shipping to Athens$398.00Shipping to Colombo$354.00Shipping to Helsinki$387.00
Shipping to Auckland$393.00Shipping to Copenhagen$387.00Shipping to Hong Kong$255.00
Shipping to Bangkok$354.00shipping to Cork$486.00Shipping to Hudaydah$481.00
Shipping to Barcelona$299.00Shipping to Cortez$409.00Shipping to Inchon$288.00
Shipping to Basseterre$576.00shipping to Cotonou$613.00Shipping to Iskenderun$393.00
Shipping to Beirut$426.00shipping to Dakar$569.00Shipping to Istanbul$393.00
Shipping to Belize City$464.00Shipping to Dammam$393.00Shipping to Izmir$393.00
Shipping to Beria$723.00Shipping to Dar es Salaam$486.00Shipping to Jakarta$354.00
Approximate cost to DestinationCostApproximate cost to DestinationCostApproximate cost to DestinationCost
Shipping to Berlin$387.00Shipping to Dhahran$393.00Shipping to jebel Ali$393.00
Shipping to Bern$497.00Shipping to Dhaka$349.00Shipping to Jeddah$393.00
Shipping to Bilbao$387.00Shipping to Djibouti$657.00Shipping to Johannesburg$486.00
Shipping to Boma$618.00Shipping to Douala$657.00Shipping to Karachi$354.00
shipping to Bombay$376.00Shipping to Dubai$393.00Shipping to Kigali$657.00
Shipping to Bremen$310.00Shipping to Dublin$486.00Shipping to Kingston$444.00
Shipping to Bremerhaven$310.00shipping to Durban$486.00Shipping to Kobe$310.00
Shipping to Bridgetown$444.00Shipping to Dusseldorf$387.00Shipping to Kuwait$393.00
Shipping to Brisbane$382.00Shipping to east$354.00Shipping to La hour$442.00
Shipping to Budapest$464.00Shipping to Felixstowe$454.00shipping to La Palma$481.00
Shipping to Buena Ventura$464.00Shipping to Fort Bay$576.00shipping to Lagos$580.00
Shipping to Buenos Aires$387.00Shipping to Freetown$715.00shipping to Lausanne$475.00
Shipping to Le havre$299.00Shipping to Osaka$310.00Shipping to Seoul$310.00
Shipping to Libreville$679.00Shipping to Oslo$398.00Shipping to Sharjah$426.00
Shipping to Lisbon$398.00Shipping to Panama City$409.00Shipping to Singapore$338.00
Shipping to Liverpool$498.00Shipping to Paranagua$425.00Shipping to Sofia$618.00
Shipping to Livorno$398.00Shipping to Paris$387.00Shipping to South Hampton$498.00
Shipping to Lome$618.00Shipping to Philipsburg$510.00Shipping to Stockholm$398.00
Shipping to London$498.00Shipping to Piraeus$387.00Shipping to Stuttgart$387.00
Shipping to Lugaria$442.00Shipping to Plymouth$532.00Shipping to Surabaya$354.00
Shipping to Lusaka$794.00Shipping to Port au Prince$422.00Shipping to Sydney$382.00
Shipping to Madras$398.00Shipping to port cabello$442.00Shipping to Taipei$354.00
Shipping to Madrid$365.00Shipping to Port Elizabeth$486.00shipping to Tema$657.00
Shipping to Malmoe$398.00Shipping to Port kelang$354.00shipping to Tenerife$442.00
Shipping to Malta$387.00Shipping to Port of Spain$510.00Shipping to the valley$576.00
Shipping to Managua$475.00Shipping to Port said$415.00Shipping to Thessaloniki$387.00
Shipping to Manila$354.00Shipping to Pusan$278.00Shipping to Tokyo$332.00
Shipping to Maputo$833.00Shipping to Qatar$404.00Shipping to Tunis$618.00
Shipping to Marseilles$354.00Shipping to Rhodes$387.00Shipping to Valencia$398.00
Shipping to Melbourne$382.00Shipping to Rio de Janeiro$425.00Shipping to Valletta$354.00
Shipping to Mersin$393.00Shipping to Rio Grande$425.00Shipping to Verna$662.00
Shipping to Milan$354.00Shipping to Riyadh$492.00Shipping to Vienna$354.00
Shipping to Minnagaboos$393.00Shipping to Road town$510.00Shipping to Warsaw$486.00
Approximate cost to DestinationCostApproximate cost to DestinationCostApproximate cost to DestinationCost
shipping to Mombasa$525.00Shipping to Rome$442.00Shipping to Wellington$393.00
shipping to Monrovia$745.00Shipping to Roseau$576.00Shipping to West$354.00
Shipping to Montevideo$420.00Shipping to Rotterdam$299.00Shipping to Yokohama$310.00
Shipping to Muscat$393.00Shipping to San jose
Shipping to Zurich$390.00
Shipping to Nagoya$398.00Shipping to San Juan$444.00 

shipping to Nairobi$700.00Shipping to san pedro$409.00
shipping to Nassau$400.00Shipping to San Salvador$453.00
Shipping to Neva Sheva$442.00Shipping to Santiago$475.00
Shipping to Nouakchott$657.00Shipping to Santo Domingo$444.00
Shipping to Orangestad$576.00Shipping to Santo Domingo$453.00
Shipping to Oranjestad$598.00Shipping to Santos$425.00

Global Concepts Shipping will provide you a packing, crating, palletizing, and any other need of packing your personal items from sensitive cargo such as 16 foot Grand Piano to your shoes box.

If you do not have a estimate of your cargo such as Dimensions or volume, we can arrange to send our team member to your door in order to provide you an actual estimation. 

Your cargo can be insured by Roanoke Trade or Great American Insurance Group for Total Loss or All Risk based on your request.