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Full Container Load

Full Container Load (FCL)

Shipping by  a full Containers offer you the convenience of loading your own freight and the ability to track its progress on the journey. In addition, your goods will all arrive together in the same Container at the your desired destination, ready to be unpacked or quickly transferred onto truck or rail to your desired destination.
We offer the use of a wide range of containers such as the picture below, each designed to meet different needs. These can be fully enclosed, temperature-controlled or simply a flat base for over sized goods. The choices are explained on the containers page.

The following suggestions will help you to minimize loss and damage to your cargo. If at any point you are unsure about the packing, cooling, or condition of your cargo or container, please contact your local Pacific Forum Line office before packing the container.
For dry cargo, ensure the container is:

  • A suitable size and type.
  • Clean (inside and out), dry, and odor-free.
  • In sound condition before you pack goods into it.
  • Carefully and securely packed, so the cargo cannot shift during transit. Palletize and shrink wrap cartons rather than packing them loose in the container.
  • Lined with a suitable insulation material if your goods need some protection from high temperatures. The inside of a closed container can get very hot in the tropics.
  • Properly closed and sealed. Seals are available from your local Global Concepts Shipping  office.
  • Labeled with cargo marks and numbers that are identical to those of your documentation, including the bill of lading.

20′ container40′ container40′ high-cube container45′ high-cube container
Length19′ 10 126.058 m40′ 0″12.192 m40′ 0″12.192 m45′ 0″13.716 m
Width8′ 0″2.438 m8′ 0″2.438 m8′ 0″2.438 m8′ 0″2.438 m
Height8′ 6″2.591 m8′ 6″2.591 m9′ 6″2.896 m9′ 6″2.896 m
Length18′ 8 13165.710 m39′ 5 456412.032 m39′ 4″12.000 m44′ 4″13.556 m
Width7′ 8 19322.352 m7′ 8 19322.352 m7′ 7″2.311 m7′ 8 19322.352 m
Height7′ 9 57642.385 m7′ 9 57642.385 m8′ 9″2.650 m8′ 9 15162.698 m
Door apertureWidth7′ 8 ⅛″2.343 m7′ 8 ⅛″2.343 m7′ 6"2.280 m7′ 8 ⅛″2.343 m
Height7′ 5 ¾″2.280 m7′ 5 ¾″2.280 m8′ 5″2.560 m8′ 5 49642.585 m
Internal Volume1,169 ft³33.1 m³2,385 ft³67.5 m³2,660 ft³75.3 m³3,040 ft³86.1 m³
Gross Weight
66,139 lb30,400 kg66,139 lb30,400 kg68,008 lb30,848 kg66,139 lb30,400 kg
Empty Weight4,850 lb2,200 kg8,380 lb3,800 kg8,598 lb3,900 kg10,580 lb4,800 kg
Net Load61,289 lb28,200 kg57,759 lb26,600 kg58,598 lb26,580 kg55,559 lb25,600 kg

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20 & 40 Foot  Reefer Containers 

        This type of container is capable of maintaining the temperature of frozen, chilled or warm cargo. A refrigeration unit is built onto the nose of the             container and power is provided by a motor generator (when container is on wheels), by terminal (when grounded in a yard) or by the ship (when             laden on board). 

  • Check the Temperature requirements for your cargo Type 
  • Pre-Cool your cargo before loading due to the Ref Containers are not designed to cool cargo - they are just design to maintain temperature 
  • Pack the container in a cold facility
  • Do not pack the container above the Red Line painted on the wall of the container. 
  • Purchase a Temperature Data recorder and load it with your cargo and make sure that it has been stated