Shipping to Afghanistan

 برای ترجمه به زبان دری لطفا بروی پرچم کلیک کنید

We provide weekly service with reasonable prices and transit times.

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Shipments may be arranged for pick up or may be delivered to our nearest terminal for air shipment to Afghanistan to the following international airport:


Kabul International Airport


Kandahar International Airport





Approximate cost of shipping a box(18"x18"X24")to the following major cities in Afghanisan

One box 18" X 18" X 24" - 50 lbs

Transit time 4 days

Shipping to Kabul


Shipping to Kandahar


Shipping to Heart 


Shipping to Kunduz


Shipping to Mazar e Sharif


Shipping to Bamyan



Cost varies by weight and volume.







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We provide shipping services to Afghanistan in a timely and efficient manner.

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